Africa mineral sank
Same with London mining
Addax is sinking
why should I be happy?

Ebola Funds got missing
So were the funds for Flood victims
Fibre optic is a story
Why should I be happy?

No more hostels at FBC.
IPAM students got promoted without knowing their grades.
Law school is staggering
Why should I be happy?

Water supply in the capital is a big problem
From NPA to EDSA electricity is still erratic
The clock tower at Eastern Police stopped singing our nationa anthem
Why should I be happy?

Football activities have been politicised
So is the music industry
Boxing as a sport is no more exciting
Why should I be happy?

NPSE date was moved and even the example question; the answer was wrong
Fake BECE results
Fake WASCE results
Miss university can’t express herself in simple English
Why should I be happy?

Our local tax money is not evident in the municipalities
Free healthcare means highway to the grave
Why should I be happy?

Journalists turned to praise-singers because of the green paper.
Why should I be happy?

Electricity house got burnt down three times in 12 months.
Medical store got burnt down twice a year.
Post office got burnt down
Why should I be happy?

Asset Declaration Committee is dead
Performance contracts for ministers is a story
So many sacred cows
Why should I be happy?

So many foreigners in the country
No database to show how many foreigners are here
No work permit for foreigners
Foreigners own the economy
Why should I be happy?

Digging diamond in the main roads of Kono
Debri at the Aberdeen beach
Street selling still happening at Abacha
Why should I be happy?

We were lucky to be saved of Lebanse poo poo
But we didn’t make it out of bommeh chicken.
Why should I be happy?

I can’t be happy!!!

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