AUGUST 24 1938 – JANUARY 15, 2017


‘Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more’ – These were the words of William Shakespeare in Macbeth

‘Someone once said “Time is perhaps our most precious commodity and once it passes, it is lost forever’. Today with a heavy heart I stand here representing the family to pay tribute to a great man an icon, an epitome of political success.

Uncle Bob as I love to call him was more like a father to me. He was such a great human being – so strong, bold, brilliant a rare larger than-life kind of character – a pillar that supported our whole family. The first time I saw this giant cried was when my mother, his sister passed away. The love that he had for his sister was difficult to explain, and he was not able to hide it and as a result I benefitted tremendously from that.

When I was a student, I would ask him to purchase one book more than five times or pay for one lesson fee over and over again. One day he looked at me and said If den be dae gee certificate for chap you go cam fos.

Today as my Uncle sits in the arms of an angel, my family mourns his death. It is all alright though as each of us has the Lord beside us as we say our farewells.  His body is gone from this beautiful world but his spirit and his legacy will live on in our hearts and country forever.

About three and a half years ago Uncle Bob was very sick.  I told him at his sick bed that I needed him to get well as my inner being was convinced that someday I would become a Minister and he would have  to accompany me to parliament.  He looked at me with a smile on his face.  Today I want to thank God that indeed he listened to my cry; Uncle Bob was present at the interview as well as the confirmation of my appointment in the well of Parliament.  There was no better satisfaction for me on that day as he was appreciated by every other person that crossed his path at the corridors of the House of Parliament where he served as Member of Parliament for several years.

Everyone here will have their own special memories of Uncle Bob, either as husband, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, friend, or as a Comrade.

To us all he was a great family man who does not nurse grudge for anyone. You would fight with him in the morning and he would be the first person to greet you in the evening. He was indeed a rare breed.

Before I end let me pay a special tribute to the unsung hero – Mrs. Boieve Allen, the virtuous woman who has proved to the world that the only medication for stroke patients is care and love.  You worked very hard caring for my Uncle our family is not able to thank you enough. We pray that you will live long to enjoy your children and grandchildren.

Leslie Patrick Bob Allen at the going down of the sun and in the morning I will always remember and think of you.

Leslie Patrick Bob Allen, I would forever be grateful to your dust as you contributed enormously in shaping my life.

Leslie Patrick Bob All You will always be remembered just like in the bible David killed Goliath. Indeed in 1967 you were the APC David who killed the SLPP Goliath the Late Alhaji M.S. Mustapha. When the news came out with the winning numbers 7232 it was like an earthquake and everybody wanted to know this incredible David – Leslie Patrick Bob Allen.  The history of this country will never be complete without the name of this man encased in this box.

Today I say fare thee well. You have fought a good fight. You have finished the course and it is now time for you to take your rest. I pray that mother earth will receive your body gently and that father Abraham will receive your spirit into paradise. Sleep Uncle Bob sleep this is the time your God appoints.

Let me on behalf of the family thank the President, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, and the Vice President Ambassador Dr. Bockarie Victor Foh, Members from the different political parties, the Zion Methodist Church Family, the government and people of Sierra Leone, for your support during our time of sadness.

Once again, I want to use this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for your support and comfort during our moment of grief and may God Almighty continue to strengthen and unite us as a happy family.

May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed rest in perfect peace.

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