Dear motherland:

I dream of paradise that’s seemingly a fantasy
Seductive Lion Mountain is the euphoria of illuminating flames
That attracts suitors around the world arriving to admire this Mecca
Her courageous, kindhearted people always blooming with love
Knitted in sympathy, empathy and compassion of seam tapestry
They desire democracy by ballot not dubious scheme of a despot
Along the crossroads, gangsters are now plundering the homeland
Nurture more Bai Burehs, John Akars, Clifford Fyles and Madam Yoko
Beacons of stature who did not wear patriotism like costumes
Their selfless pride to duty and legacy charmed Mama Salone
And evergreen memories still linger in nation’s heart and soul.
Assemble the various ethnic musicians, seasoned faith leaders
griots, cultural dancers to inspire true patriotism like a fragrance.
Some recite poetry as prayers for cleansing soaring up into Heaven.
Evoke justice that rains as righteousness and peace like Sewa River
May our folks feel wanted and we all cherish our homeland again.
Day and night realizing the dream we’ve eternally dreamed or wailed for.
I disdain infidels conniving while wolfish tyrants scheme for power
I’m a peon’s heartbeat carrying scars of slavery exiled by malignant ills
Disenchanted by diabolic agenda as viral politics poison Sierra Leone
While the hopelessly poor are muddling in abject poverty at Kroo Bay
I’m that pulsating voice advocating for dignity for the forgotten and trodden
Ebola orphan-kids in thousands are languishing for education and decent life
Salone could do so much better rescuing these poor children from sinking.
In celebrating a milestone of freedom unlock the mental, economic and social
chains of blindness hunting our compatriots. Freedom bells are tolling anew
Beckoning us to find lasting cures to aggressive cancers as nightmarish selfishness.
Roland Bankole Marke © 2015

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