The Honorable Minister, Madam Nanette Thomas, you are a godsend to alleviate the ministry’s retrogression, and you are the vessel for God’s love. It is up to you to carry this idea with you throughout your days in the office so that everyone you come in contact with will reap the benefits. When you stay committed to cherishing the perfect aspects of your soul for the said ministry, all aspects of your physical life become enhanced. The good thing is that, even when you Madam Minister may feel depressed of other offices’ bureaucracy, this inner love from your Creator is still in you – never give up. It never leaves you, but only awaits your mental permission to shine brightly. Spirit always hopes that you feel honored by the power gifted to you by your Creator.

Moreover, words can make a difference in the attitude of your day. In other words, as well as what you hear, is linked to the reactions you carry and cause others to have, is God’s blessings. Imagine if the world were a place where people would openly give loving compliments to each other? There would be an immediate release of tension and negativity, thus causing a snowball of euphoric feelings and emotions. We hope and pray for all of employees in this ministry to realize how special you are as an individual in the Ministry of Political and Public Affairs. You personally have been endowed with strength and the ability to implement a loving day for all employees.

Madam Minister, we always know that immediately you step into your splendid and Godly moods, you feel limited and sad. This is very important for most of us who suffer with any form of depression or malaise. It is even more important for those of your employees who are pining for the loss of one of our loved ones. By stepping out of our bereaved mood, we sometimes give thanks to God. No matter how frustrated we may feel about our own life, we see another person, find something nice to say to them about how they look, sound, act or make them feel. When that happens, you have no choice but to realize a tiny chip which will be taken out of our wall of sadness or frustration. Before you know it all, you are on the path to being helped and healed by the Lord Jesus.

This physical world can be daunting to some, but others seem to fly through it with great ease. The only difference is that those who are able to embrace the goodness of society and their life are the same people who utilize kind words and deeds. Anytime you can alter your negative thinking, then the love within yourself and soul begins to emanate a bubbling sea of contentment.

Moreover, at any point in your life, stepping beyond the boundaries of your moods, old negative mental and emotional memoirs, finances, health issues and more, can be shifted by evoking the love that resides in you. Let the Master Angels help you! Reach out all the time; not just when you are in a depressed situation. The power of God and His throng of helpers will continue to point your path to the rewards you seek, consciously and subconsciously. Use your power to ask the Lord each day! Also, remember that some strides will be short and some will seem like leaps out of your comfort zone. Conclusively Madam Nanette Thomas, you are vessel of goodness and the waiting arms of the Lord are ready to catch you. May the Lord reward you and your family Paradise.

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