It is time to break the silence once more, and here I come not to praise “Cesar” neither bury “Cesar”. Sierra Leone has come a long way in her history whose vibes shows turbulence. Prior to her independence in 1961, she was shadowed by extermination of slavery, and domination by governance of colonialists.
Immediately after gaining independence she was drawn into civil conflicts another form of extermination, there were coups, counter coups, and useless rebellious wars. Governance could no longer be blamed on foreign masters, so dominancy was damped from that end. The steps that followed were the footprints of Sierra Leoneans’ actions of governance. Mixed with multicultural diversities, a new form of colonialism in the name of tribalism so to speak corruption was borne. The secret societies, the paraphernalia of cultures, rituals, witchcraft, sorcery, and reported cannibalism flared up nationwide. Most of these negative cultures were short-lived as the nation moved on to progress of civilization.
An apostasy of relative calmness was realized during the one party system of the ruling party of the All People’s Congress led by the former president Dr. Siaka Stevens. A shrewd, and calculative politician who reigned with firmness, but tolerated liberal opportunities. In his reign there were diabolic liberties of enjoyment, but not with politics where his craftiness saw him leaving power to a trusted and devoted successor.
In the middle of all the turbulences narrated Sierra Leone was bound to suffer innocently and was clearly heading to another crisis economically. Ironically the country was sitting on top of the known continent’s wealth resources, yet she was branded as an occupancy of the bottom ladder of poverty. Definitely a misnomer by miscalculated justice and bad governance. Various factors such as drug cartelism, Nigerian ritual movie cultures, ungodliness, unpatriotic, sequels of rebel youths’ complications, selfishness, and greed drove the country into total chaos.
Shall I stop here for now, and take a deep breath? No!

The country was further brutalized by the unprecedented Ebola virus disease (EVD), which further exposed the countries in West Africa’s negligence of not investing on strong national institutions such as public health, public health institutions, infrastructure, education, agriculture, you name it. Lawlessness behavior and hesitancies of constitutional exercise created a deep dicotyledonous disagreement within the country’s educated elites and the government.

Politics again is approaching a climax decision when it faces a general election in 2018. While the EVD was a menace to our economy, it should not be used as a benchmark for our failing economic policies. It is agreed that the downturn of a global economy was evident. Our mining activities were disrupted during EVD, and unfair dealings between investors and country could be a factor. Failing to tackle aggressively youths’ unemployment other corruptible activities by and large of the population has created a mess in the economy.

Obviously it was no surprise for political zealots to cry foul. Indeed, they would score some points, but it remained clear that, the opposition never did any better than present government. In fact, if the opposition was doing their job properly in parliament by putting due diligence, the country would not have stove dived into its present poor economic predicament. However, the social media which sends messages to government as a means of checks and balance seem not to be popular with government. The feeling is a mixed one; if social media is talking for benefits of the country it should be honored and it is in place to do so., however if on the contrary then government is right not to tolerate an inciting media.
The present uncouth behavior of some members of the Sierra Leone community which is directed against innocent population of the country should send shivers down the spines of every Sierra Leonean. The butchering and dismembering of body parts is wickedness murder. Whosoever is responsible for such action has driven the state of affairs to fear. It cannot even be compared to either EVD or the rebel war fear. The government of Dr. Ernest Koroma in unequivocal terms and, among many other steps must be firm in eradicating such evil acts. I guess he has taken one step in instilling austerity measures though late but better than never. The next step is an appeal to his excellency Dr. Ernest Koroma to follow former president Dr. Siaka Steven’s style of rule that no one should go free with murder.

The interior minister, Mr. Alfred Paolo Conteh has boldly indicated to murderers to be aware that they would face the death penalty if wanton. Again Mr. president it is known that you are a peaceful president but too much of being peaceful is weakness also. You can still pull this out it is part of your legacy. You have done quite a few things that have spur mama Salone, this would be another staunch to pull in order to make our country safe. There is no place for murder. The wealthy or power seekers through ritual means should be pursued and exposed and face full prosecution of the law. Let the ritualists and cohorts be aware what they are doing to mama Salone will come to haunt them.
By Dr. Augustine Kamara
Virginia USA

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