Droppings on the Fountain of Honor? Enough is enough!
 Response to Mohamed Sankoh (One Drop).
By Foday Morris, a Concerned Citizen

One Drop is a prolific writer who often utilizes various writing
techniques and strategies. He awakens, intrigues and reaffirms
interest in his writings by carefully weaving together descriptive and informative words; and off course, with correct grammar and flowing syntaxes. With his “Dropian Droppings” he opens readers’ minds, allowing them to indulge in imagination as they learn through their association with his writings. He captivates his audience, impresses those who are fortunate to on his positive side and traumatizes those who are unfortunate to be victims of his mighty pen. President Ernest Bai Koroma seem to have become the most recent victim of the Dropian Droppings”.

It is against this backdrop, that I am concerned about the “Dropian Droppings” directed at President Koroma’s leadership and decision making. And these *droppings* are coming from a man who says he is a “Koromist” and he has access to the president, even spending time with him at his private residence. He also informed his readers that he never hesitates to respectfully tell the inconvenient truths to the president – face to face. One Drop has been going public with his criticism of the president, all because he thinks the president is surrounded by bad apples and that he (the president) does not get rid of them. In his latest article titled, “The ‘Koromaists’ Are Not Yet Very Angry But Concerned”, posted on Facebook, Mohamed Sankoh
rationalized his articles thus:

“But as I noted earlier, my main concern is the stature and legacy of President Ernest Bai Koroma which is why I might be playing the inside critic once-in-awhile. For, as I see it, one of the ways to help one’s best friend is to tell him the hard facts. For I strongly hold the standpoint that just as the success of the Koroma-led administration would greatly increase the chances of the APC in the next general elections; so would the failure of the President’s blueprinted “Agenda for Prosperity” reflect adversely on an unremorseful Koromaist like me who has been on the forefront propagating the policies of the President in an encapsulated form called Koromaism. So, home truths should come from a home boy just as charity should begin at home!”

The above quoted statement cannot justify the damage being done by the articles authored by One Drop – about and of President Ernest Bai Koroma’s leadership of our great nation. Referring to oneself as an ‘insider’ (a Koromaist) and at the same time publicly castigating the Father of our Nation, the Leader and Chairman of a ruling political party, he says he supports, or is a member of, is tantamount to washing one’s dirty laundry in public . In our Krio parlance, the Creoles say, “if ose noh sell u trit noh go buy u.” Meanings if you are put on sale by someone in your home, no one from the street will buy you — the enemy from within, from inside your home. No reasonable or rational person will announce to the public that his/her wets his bed (piss ah baid), every time he gets drunk – such matters are discussed on the dinner table.

The ramifications or far reaching negative effects of the “ Dropian Droppings” on the president, his government and our nation may not be emphasized enough on this article. For the purpose of staying with the subject matter I will focus on leadership and decision making since these two make the foundation of the *droppings* directed at His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. To elaborate on the negative effects of his articles on the president, let us examine what he has already said, justifying is repulsive actions. One Drop wrote:

“I am concerned about both the stature and legacy of President Ernest Bai Koroma. I am concerned about what the President’s peers in Africa would think of him if they learnt that he has cabinet ministers who could openly mammy cuss ceaselessly with the frequency with which they breath air? What would President Koroma’s colleague presidents think of him if they learnt that he has some cabinet ministers who habitually quarrel with their deputies with the ease with which they brush their teeth? And what would the President’s peers in Europe and the Americas think of him if they learnt that he has presidential appointees who could openly flout the principle of “collective responsibility” with impunity?”

The implied reasonable interpretation of the above quoted statement is that the president is not a good or decisive decision maker – and by extension not a good leader. And that he is “slow” in making decisions that MAYBE vital to good governance and the effective running of our nation. How is it that the president failed to take decisions on “mammy curse ministers,” “quarrelling ministers and their deputies” and “presidential appointees who flout the principle of collective responsibility with impunity.”? These are serious statements that if left unchecked may jeopardize the legacy of President Koroma and his ruling party’s future political chances.

With a “Koromaist, a home boy” or friend like Mohamed Sankoh (One Drop), president Koroma does not need any more enemies. In
contemporary English, Zoologists describe droppings as the dung (waste products, feces) of certain animals, such as rabbits, sheep, and birds. To keep dropping such “droppings” on the Fountain of Honor of our great nation leaves much to be desired, especially when coming from a so called “insider” who claims to have audience with the president. With his mighty pen and excellent command of the English Language, One Drop could be slowly chipping away at the President’s good name, credibility and political legacy. Late President, Joseph Saidu Momoh did not act, when so called “insiders” began to publicly criticize him until he earned the nickname Josephine Momoh, and soon things fell apart when the center could no longer hold. Families should wash their dirty laundry at home and discuss important matters on the dinner table, except members of the family are have long term plans to move out to their own apartment, with a reputation that they they stood up to the powers that be. Enough is Enough!

By Foday Morris, a Concerned Citizen
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